Timeless bicycles handmade in Milan since 1908

Manufacturing high quality bicycles since 1908, we’ve always been driven by passion and dedication. Made by highly skilled craftsmen, our bicycles are defined by the highest quality standards. Always looking for elegance and refinement, our products stand out for the attention to details.
A continuous research between tradition and innovation: from introducing rod brakes, to pedal-assisted bicycles, Taurus has always been an innovative company, never losing its traditional style.

The beginning

Founded by Vittorio and Umberto Fabbri, Italian engineers,Taurus started the production of bicycles completely handmade in Italy, in the Milanese establishment of Vigorelli. The models immediately stand out for their quality and elegance, but especially for their strong technical characteristics, such as rod brakes and the distinctive six blocks curved pedals, a mark of luxury.

The success
The 40s and 50s are the years of the definitive success for Taurus, whose creations are reliable but also elegant and beautiful. The first historical shop in Milan, in Piazza della Repubblica, is soon followed by a new shop in Via Maiocchi in 1945. Taurus is by then an icon of luxury for the travelers.
At the end of the 50s the company is sold to Mr. Fassi, an experienced bicycle artisan. In the years of the economic boom Taurus moves the production to the Vanzaghello factory and, for a short time, opens itself to the motorbikes’ market.


After playing a leading role in the history of the bicycle in the 20th century, in 2017 Taurus has born again.  New team, same passion. Keeping up with the tradition of Milanese artisans, today Taurus offers an elegant and reliable range of models for the new needs, going from classical to electrical bicycles, never losing its timeless style.

Heritage and passion